VIP Home Finding Service

Any agent can send you automated home updates from the MLS while they go look for another client but a proactive agent (the kind you want on your team) can find the home you want even when it's not on the market

Most real estate buyer agents will set you up with automated "home updates" matching your general search criteria that get sent to your inbox and then go look for another client. That's not me.

In today's market of limited inventory and fierce competition, it's just not a winning game plan. In fact, I've found that sometimes the very best way to find the home you want is to go asking for it.

That's right.

When you know what you want and have the means to obtain it I'll go looking for it. That means knocking on doors, sending letters and leaving notes on the doorsteps of every home matching your needs.

Is your agent doing that?

If not, fill out the form right here or give me a call and put me to work finding your Arizona home. My team will walk, knock and talk looking for the home you want and need, so put us on your team today.