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What To Do About The House?

They wish to keep the house. Work it out amongst yourselves or with your attorneys but work it out and when you do...make certain you remove your name from the title so you're not encumbered by their mortgage loan in your future. Imagine getting remarried years later and applying for a new mortgage and discovering you don't qualify because your name is still on the other mortgage...yikes!

You wish to keep the house. Removing your spouse's name from the title insures they're also not encumbered in future mortgage applications, auto loans, etc. It also makes the place all yours to pay for and maintain and qualify for unless you work out some other arrangement? That alone may be a reason to celebrate. 

We have equity. Work it out amongst yourselves or with your attorneys but work it out. If there is equity to be shared and one party wants to keep the house then they made need to do a 'cash out' refinance to pay off the other spouse. Refinancing to pay off the spouse and/or removing the spouse (their income) from the title means qualifying for the new mortgage amount without that income...something to consider. 

We owe more than it's worth. I can help you 'short sell' the property at no cost to you. This will enable you to avoid having a foreclosure on your credit report(s). A 'short sale' is when the lender(s) agree(s) to accept a current fair market offer for their property despite what you may owe on it. You pay no commissions or closing costs. The bank agrees in writing to forego any possible future deficiency judgments - you owe nothing - ever. 

My team can expertly handle all lender negotiations and of course all aspects of getting the property marketed and sold. 

What's our home worth...right now, today? Fill out the form below and find out. I'll determine with a high degree of accuracy your properties current market value. I'll provide rich and complete up to the minute traditional and non-traditional sales data highly comparable to your property. It's as close as you can get to a $500.00 appraisal for FREE.